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Product: xCmd
Version: 1.12
Last update: 2010.10.30
Size: 55kb
Status: Freeware

Note: Your virus scanner may give a 'false' alert about xCmd. This is caused by the way xCmd works! Have a look at
xCmd Version 1.7
xCmd Version 1.8

Hint: Some virus scanners aren't able to exclude a single file from scanning. In this case you maybe could bypass the false alerts by setting the installation path (option /I) to a directory of your choice and exclude the whole folder from scanning if supported! If anything helps and you urgently need a version that doesn't give false alerts, contact me please.

Description: xCmd is a tool designed to execute applications on remote systems. You do not need to install any server software! It will self register as a service. The only thing you have to to, is beeing the Administrator!

Usage: xCmd.exe \\computer [options] command/exe arguments
xCmd 1.12 for NT4/2K/XP/W7 (32/64bit) - executes commands remotely
Freeware! 2007-2010 Gerd Feldkirch,
          2001 Zoltan Csizmadia,

Usage: xCmd.exe \\computer [options] command/exe arguments

   /I:directory           Set service installation path on 32bit Systems
                          default is: "%SystemRoot%\System32"
   /D:directory           Set working directory
                          Default: Remote "%SystemRoot%\System32"
   /IDLE                  Idle priority class
   /NORMAL                Normal priority class
   /HIGH                  High priority class
   /REALTIME              Realtime priority class
   /C                     Copy the specified program to the remote machine's
                          "%SystemRoot%\System32" directory
                          Commands's exe file must be absolute to local machine
   /C:filename            Copy the specified file to the remote machine's
                          "%SystemRoot%\System32" directory
   /DL:localdir           Local directory to be copied
   /DR:remotedir          Remote path of the directory to be copied
   /RESUME                Resume on file copy error
   /INTERACTIVE           Enables a program to interact with the desktop
   /SYSTEM                Run the remote process in the System account
   /USER:user             User for remote connection
   /PWD:{password|*}      Password for remote connection
   /RUSER:user            User for remote process
   /RPWD:{password|*}     Password for remote process
   /NOWAIT                Don't wait for remote process to terminate
   /QUIET                 Don't show program information
   /CT:s                  Connection timeout in seconds
   /V                     Show window on remote machine
   /RCONIO                Set console input/output to remote machine
   /REINST                Reinstall the remote service xCmdSvc.exe

   xCmd.exe \\remote cmd       // Starts a "telnet" client
   xCmd.exe \\remote /nowait runme.exe
   xCmd.exe \\remote /user:administrator dir c:\
   xCmd.exe \\remote /user:somebody /pwd:* /d:d:\ test1.exe
   xCmd.exe \\remote /c /user:somebody /pwd:* /d:d:\ test2.exe

 - Input is passed to remote machine when you press ENTER.
 - Ctrl-C terminates the remote process
 - Command and file path arguments have to be absolute to remote machine
   If you are using /c option, command exe file path must be absolute to
   local machine, but the arguments must be absolute to remote machine

CodeGuru: Article from Zoltan Csizmadia
Download: Binary

Copyright 2010 by Gerd Feldkirch - Last Update 2010.10.30