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Marion Systems - ProSynth & MSR-2 Resources

Download MSR-2 Owner's Manual
Download ProSynth Owner's Manual
Download Original System Exclusive Data Specification for MSR-2 & ASM
         (big thanks to Tom Oberheim for providing the paper)

View ProSynth powersupply

Download Factory ROM Presets

The following patches were primarily created for the Oberheim Matrix 6/6R/1000.
Although many parameters are identical between the Oberheims and the Marions, there are still
some that can't be mapped! So these patches are not 100% compatible but nearly!

Download The 11 banks of patches supplied on cassette with the Oberheim Matrix6 and 6r.
Download Old factory presets of the Oberheim Matrix 1000.
Download Miscellaneous patches originally created for the Oberheim Matrix6/6r/1000.
Download Pada patches originally created for the Oberheim Matrix6/6r/1000.
Download Synth patches originally created for the Oberheim Matrix6/6r/1000.

Download Eric's Roland Juno-106 patch bank. (128 patches)
Download Patches which originaly were stored in my Roland Juno-106. (128 patches)

Edirol/Roland/Cakewalk PCR-300/A-300 Control Maps:
Download ProSynth & MSR2
Download Matrix 1000

How autotuning is done right:
Ever wondered about the useless filter frequency modulation? You maybe have to tune your ASM right!
How is it done? Well, the ASM filters can be tuned automaticly by selecting "AutoTune: Filter" in
the "SYSTEM" menu. After that procedure you likely assume that the filters are all in tune, but
they aren't. You have to repeat the calibration until the tones produced by the selfoscillating
filters have nearly the same pitch!!

ASM Parameter Value Data:
The Synth crashes when it receives an "ASM Parameter Value Data" Sysex message and you have to
reset it to factory settings. To avoid that behaviour you can send NRPN messages instead!