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GogoEnc Plugin for WinDAC

Product: GogoEnc Plugin for WinDAC
Version: 1.3
Last update: 2000.12.30
Size: 38kb
Status: Freeware

Description: GogoEnc is a VERY fast MP3 encoder plugin for WinDAC32 v1.50 or later. To use this plugin you need the gogo.dll which is NOT included in this package! You can find it on the official 'Gogo-No-Coda' project hompage. This plugin is free, about the legal status of the gogo.dll refer to it's documentation.

Usage: Simply copy the GogoEncPlugIn.dll and the gogo.dll file to the directory where you have installed WinDAC32. After that it will appear it in the list of available formats.

2000.12.30 - Silly bug in ID3 Tag removed
2000.12.25 - ID3 Tag v1.1 support added
2000.11.17 - Multi processing bug fixed
2000.09.08 - Initializing bug fixed - Emphasis Button 're added' - ID3 Tag Comment added
2000.09.06 - Major bug fixes [ now VBR works fine ]
2000.07.29 - Minor bug fixes
2000.07.22 - The first official release date!

Known Bugs: None

WinDAC: WinDAC by Christoph Schmelnik
Gogo-No-Coda: Gogo-No-Coda project homepage ( japanese )
Rarewares: You can find the WinGogo package here.

Download: Binary

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