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Clipboard Launcher

Product: Clipboard Launcher
Version: 1.25
Last update: 2008.05.31
Size: 93kb
Status: Freeware

Description: Clipboard Launcher is an application which monitors the clipboard and executes programs if a specific regular expression matches the clipboard's text. The text can be passed to the launched application so that it can do further processing of it. This is done by applying the keyword "%clipboard%" (without quotes) to the textbox named "Launch Program", "Arguments" and/or "Working Directory". The keyword will then be replaced by the clipboard's text.

Not to be anoying, you can set it up do start minimized in the context menu of the tray icon.

The settings are saved in an .ini-file located in the programm directory.

Known Bugs: None

Oniguruma: Regular expression library
Download: Zip-File

Copyright 2008 by Gerd Feldkirch - Last Update 2008.05.31