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2022-05-10Added create_16bit_wav_files.bat Requires SoX!
2020-06-07Added normalize_multiple_wav_files.bat Requires SoX!
2012-05-19Added V-Loop. A tool that sets the correct loop points from existing ones for the Roland V-Synth.
2011-02-14Removed CVSNT resources.
2010-08-16Update xCmd 1.11 - Added several new options.
2010-08-05First release of my PIKOView gadget for Windows. It show the current state of a KOSTAL PIKO solar inverter. Download PIKOView gadget
2010-01-24Update xCmd 1.8 - Added support for 64bit systems.
2009-06-23Added Feedback VST effect plugin. Download
2009-02-18Update xCmd 1.7 - Added new options /system, /quiet & /ct
2009-02-04Marion Systems - ProSynth and MSR-2 resources page added.
2008-08-13Added SpeedFanCmd. A small application that displays the temperatures, fan speeds and voltages of SpeedFan in the console. Download Version 1.1
2008-07-17ChangeDisplaySettings now supports multiple monitors. Download Version 1.5
2008-05-31First official release of Clipboard Launcher.
2007-11-25Added ChangeDisplaySettings. A program for changing the display settings by command line.Download
2007-09-18Added MsgBox. A simple message box program that is able to automaticly close/quit/terminate itself by passing a timeout value.Download
2007-09-18Added an enhanced version of xCmd. xCmd is a command line tool, that allows you to execute processes on remote computers. Now it is capable to copy multiple files and launch programs that are interacting with the desktop.Download
2007-09-18Added RemCom a console app for removing any C-Style comments from files. Download
2007-09-18Added a command line application for placing any bitmap file in front of the screen (on top of all Windows on the your Windows-XP Desktop). Users may keep on working because the image is not draggable and the opacity/transparency level can be set. The syntax is: frontimage.exe <.bmp-file> [opacity 0-100] Download
2007-09-18Added DeleteEx. A console utility for deleting outdated/small/large files or directories. Download
2007-09-18Domain moved permanently to ''
2007-02-23Updated my ultimate DaimlerChrysler Screensaver for Windows. It features a huge textured logo scrolling forward and backward which is bumpmapped with a rotating light source and Lensflares. Not state of the art anymore (it was designed to run on a Pentium MMX 200MHz with 64MB Ram at resolution of 320*240 16Bit in one frame!) but anyway... I think it's still very eye candy today. A must have for the real Mercedes driver! ;-) Download Screenshots:1 2 3 4 5
2006-04-24Created the CVSNT Archive containing old CVSNT versions.
2005-05-20New Domain online
2004-11-04Added a small tool named datechk that checks if a file is older than a specified number of days. Download
2004-11-04Added my ultimate DaimlerChrysler Screensaver for Windows. Download
2004-04-27New OggVorbisEnc release available (using OggVorbis v1.0.1)
2004-02-07Freeverb plugin for TKS. Download
2004-02-07FTP module for TKS. Download
2004-02-07Telnet module for TKS. Download
2004-02-07Site design removed.
2003-08-29Added a small tool that scans one or more folders for duplicate files. Download
2003-07-02My page got a new design... hope you like it.